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Dark Brown Lies

by Debbie Simpson

A True Story

  • Managers screamed, lied and perjured themselves under oath – more than once. They did this with impunity.
  • They unlawfully falsified company records and purged my employment file.
  • UPS stole a years pay, stole my good name and reputation and stole my career.
  • They interrogated me in front of my stalker and drove me out of my own home like a lynch mob.
  • UPS relentlessly recorded every minor infraction while ignoring their friends violations.
  • They unlawfully suppressed exculpatory evidence and witnesses in violation of federal law.
  • UPS constantly intimidated, bullied and tried to provoked confrontation.
  • They repeatedly threatened to terminate my employment with numerous punitive and written warnings.
  • UPS retaliated against me after reporting workplace violence.
  • They continually called me into the office to punish me and then stalked me at work as a form of intimidation.
  • UPS slandered my name in front of co-workers creating a hostile work environment.
  • They cancelled my medical insurance, screwed with my pension and screwed with my vacation shortly after returning to work.
  • Management discriminated against me while showing favoritism towards others.

UPS Is Not The Company You Think They Are!