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Find out what happens – in the middle of the night – behind closed doors – on UPS property.

If memory serves me correctly, UPS Interrogation Room, was printed on the door going in to my managers office. I spent many an hour alone in that room with Darrell “Skip” Cryer and his liar, Rock Underwood. Find out what happens in the UPS Interrogation Room. Chapter 8 is an actual recorded conversation, out of many. This particular interrogation was the most frightening.

  • the pronoun he was used over 93 times
  • the supervisors name was used 67 times
  • a derivation of the word threaten was used 36 times
  • your gonna have to work for or work with was used 31 times
  • the word safety was used 22 times
  • kill or killing was used 13 times
  • harassment or a derivation thereof was used 6 times
  • OSHA popped up 6 times
  • discipline 6 times
  • and of course “we have a business to run” came up 8 times