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Before you listen you must know that I have omitted/cut out pieces of redundant conversation to shorten it up a bit. However, the timeline is the same. There is a two second pause/break in the timeline due to me editing out those pieces. If you would like to hear the entire interview/interrogation, why not ask UPS, they have/had a copy.

As I walk into the room both men are laughing and having a grand ole time. Listen carefully.

I also purposely drew attention to the managers repeated and solicited line of questioning. This recorded conversation took place on or about May 11, 2004 after I had filed a verbal complaint against my supervisor. I am alone in the interrogation room with a UPS aircraft maintenance manager and his supervisor (my stalker), the very one whom I had filed a complaint against. A union board member is also listening in on speaker. UPS referred to this meeting has an interview, I refer to it has an interrogation. You decide.

Find out what led up to this telling interview – but more importantly find out what happened the very next day after this interrogation by reading Dark Brown Lies. This is how UPS dealt with my workplace violence concerns.

I spent ten years of my life in an abusive relationship with my employer and this is only one out of dozens of meetings-interviews-hearings-interrogations that took place during my time in Columbia, SC and Las Vegas, NV.

Above all else, remember; UPS has a business to run. At the end when the manager states; “OK, so we’re under the agreement that you cannot work for Rock, alright.” That too was a lie. The harassment continued for years until the corporate lynch mob finally ran me out of my home.